Scale the network without a forklift,
one white box at a time
It’s time to simplify the network
Build it like cloud
Turn the network to a shared resource
Any service, any port

Time to Build Networks Like Cloud


Reduced Number of Network Ports


Reduced Power Consumption


Reduced Rack Unit Space

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What Analysts Say

“Either the incumbent suppliers adapt to meet the new requirements, or they will be replaced with more responsive [disaggregated distributed routing] players.”

Sterling Perrin

Sterling Perrin

Sr Principal Analyst

“A cloud-like architecture has been proven to enable new revenue streams from expanded service offerings and the agility to address these. Hyperscale providers serve as the model.”


Yesmean Luk

Telco Cloud Practice Lead

“DriveNets Network Cloud combines capacity greater than monolithic routers with a more generalized ability to host new service features.”

Tom Nolle

Tom Nolle

President of CIMI Corp

What Our Customers Say

“Having a much more software-centric network allows us to respond much more rapidly to any new demand on the network.”


Andre Fuetsch

CTO of Network Services, AT&T

“DriveNets Network Cloud allows us to reduce the operational effort of growing our IP aggregation network’s capacity. Overall, DriveNets solution is very scalable and flexible while helping us to save on costs.”

Senior Operations Executive

Leading MSO in North America

“DriveNets Network Cloud confirmed that we will be able to provide optimal service quality without interruption, even when traffic increases or other challenges occur, in a cloud-native environment.”

Lee Sang-Heon

NW Advanced Development Manager, LG U+

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