CSP Network Automation Leadership Survey


In this report from Futuriom, Communications Service Providers need to optimize their network infrastructure both to deliver a superior customer experience and to streamline their internal IT processes, to deliver innovative new services that are truly value-added and monetizable. Communications Service Provider networks will need to apply automation to meet expanding demand of on-demand services.

Based on extensive interviews with services providers, this report unpacks insights as to why network automation represents an essential technology for CSPs looking to reduce operational costs and enable faster integration and innovation.

In this report you will learn about:

  • Merchant silicon, with cloud-native architectures are driving a second wave of disaggregation.
  • How 5G and edge compute will be key drivers, and how network automation is critical to the success of 5G.
  • • Why the transition to software-based networks on white boxes and cloud-native platforms has the potential to reduce operational costs and accelerate the development of network automation capabilities.

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"Service providers are stepping up network automation initiatives as they moved to cloud and virtualized networks. As the major service providers build out their cloud infrastructure, they have found that automation is the only way forward with the arrival of 5G networks and the Internet of Things, and thus billions of devices and an expansion of data by orders of magnitudes."

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