5G Catalysts: Telco Cloud and Edge Trends


As 5G infrastructure gets deployed and cloud computing resources are extended to the edge of the network, cloud infrastructure and communications networks are becoming increasingly integrated and merged, a trend that is likely to continue with the expansion of 5G deployments.


In 2021, deployment is expected to accelerate, demonstrated by the recent hundreds of billions of dollars in capital being pledged to the rollout of 5G infrastructure and services. In addition, support from the financial markets in the form of low interest rates and a recovering economy will contribute to this buildout. The “cloudification” of communications networks is gathering steam.

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"AT&T is the only major operator who has endorsed, and actually deployed, a large-scale white-box-based network. The majority of that network is deploying on a 5G-related mission, but they also recently announced a transformation of their core to white-box clusters provided by DriveNets."

Tom Nolle, President, CIMI Corporation