NCNF: From "Network on a Cloud" to "Network Cloud"



This is the new way for building networks for communication service providers, hyperscalers and other network operators.


The DriveNets Network Cloud model addresses the same network, service-scaling and time-to-market challenges that network function virtualization (NFV) has tried to solve. It completes the journey from physical network functions (PNFs) and virtualized network functions (VNFs) through cloud-native network functions (CNFs) and now to Network Cloud network functions (NCNFs).


The DriveNets Network Cloud architecture is essential in any modern network, integrating compute and networking resources while addressing service provider cost, scaling and innovation challenges.

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"Disaggregation gives CSPs more options, control and flexibility in their supply chain. It enables them to standardise and simplify their network architecture using a common, shared pool of cost efficient hardware with cloud native software and network resource orchestration."

Gorkem Yigit, Lead Analyst, Analysys Mason