5G Standalone: Lessons Learned and the Path Forward



5G standalone is set to take-off at a fast pace and CSPs are in good position to migrate and ready their networks. And for CSPs to be successful in 5G (SA), it is important that new standalone architecture should be planned ahead in detail to keep future services SLA requirements especially in designing new dedicated 5G core.


Open network with cloud native 5G core will be beneficial for operators that seek network agility, flexibility, and scalability while meeting low-latency service requirements.


Last but not the least, AI-assisted future 5G network visibility and operations from RAN to core with advanced analytics and closed-loop automation is a way forward for orchestrated, automated networks.

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"In a post-COVID-19 world, 5G is set to reach and penetrate deeply into mass-market readiness and develop into hyperscale -friendly, smart, and intelligent network. CSPs now must take advantage of the ever-expanding and growing 5G ecosystem."

Sameer Ashfaq Malik, Senior Principal Analyst, OMDIA