Pursuing Hyperscale Economics: What, Why and How Telcos Can Do It



This white paper from STL Partners focuses on the hyperscale models that operators can learn from and adopt their business practices, operating procedures and technology, and on hyperscale economics, which provides a disruptively different relationship between costs and capabilities for those that can harness them. 

In this report you will learn about how:

  • Disaggregation and the move to cloud native architecture for networking has changed what is possible for network operators, from a cost, capability and revenue standpoint
  • Hyperscale economics is not just about size but also a reason to accelerate transformations and embrace the need for continuous change as the new normal
  • To approach hyperscale economics as an ongoing strategic goal and pursuit

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"With more programmable and open underlying infrastructure, software components with open APIs and greater abstraction within the network, network disaggregation drastically improves and simplifies the automation and management across the entire end-to-end delivery lifecycle."

Yesmean Luk, Senior Consultant, STL Partners