NETWORK, MEET CLOUD: Scaling Disaggregated Network Infrastructure Using Cloud Principles


In this research brief from AvidThink, Network, Meet Cloud: Scaling Disaggregated Network Infrastructure using Cloud Principles, we explore how CSPs can re-examine their networks and find more creative solutions to their scaling challenges, by considering cloud-native software and hardware architectures. This is the time for the network to meet the cloud.

In this research brief you will learn how:

  • Cloud providers innovated on software and hardware data center architectures, and how we can apply this to the world of CSP networks.
  • Scaling up will become just a matter of adding more software instances running on more compute systems, coupled with more data plane forwarding capacity.

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"These hybrid disaggregated architectures capable of horizontal scaling could mean that a single architecture could scale from lower-speed access and edge routers, all the way to aggregation routers and even to core terabit/petabit routers."

AvidThink - Research Brief