TCO Analysis by ACG Research


In this report, An Economic Comparison of a DriveNets Network with Traditional Router Networks, ACG Research compared the total cost of ownership (TCO) of using the distributed DriveNets architecture with legacy routing architecture. DriveNets architecture is based on the approach taken by hyperscalers, which disaggregates the traditional router model and allows routing nodes to scale from a single white-box of 4Tb/s to up to 192 white-boxes interconnected by a fabric made of a second type.

The report found that DriveNets routing architecture has:

  • 51% TCO advantage over the current architecture.
  • 61% savings in router hardware and software expenses.
  • 33% savings in OPEX.

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"DriveNets has developed a new and innovative approach to high-scale networking. DriveNets has decoupled the control-plane and the data-plane and created an attractive software licensing model to further reduce the cost per bit."

Peter Fetterolf, Ph.D
CTO with ACG Research